JT is the Man. Simply put there is nothing the Boss-man can't do with a needle and some ink. His designs are wicked, graphic, outstanding and flawless. A master of his trade, JT, has been drawing and designing tattoos since before he can remember. His attention to detail and his application of imagination is truly a sight to behold. When all's said and done his work speaks for him.

Here at Wicked Needle Tattoo we strive for excellence. Why? Because you deserve nothing but the best on your skin for the rest of your life. The time and effort that goes into every single design is nothing but exceptional. With Tattoos, it's about getting the right Artist the first time around.

The Boss-man is flawless, so step closer and schedule your appointment today.

JT Bossman with the BIG Needle

All works © 2017 by WICKED NEEDLE TATTOO.

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