Wicked Needle Tattoo is now operating as a Private Tattoo Studio


  1. Clients will need an appointment for consultations a well as Tattoos!

  2. Some Small Tattoos may be able to get in the same day as the consultation, but you need to contact the shop before coming into the shop.

  3. We have hand sanitizer and a wash sink available to any Clients who wish to use them.

  4. ALL Clients are encouraged to wear a mask!

  5. If you start showing signs of being sick the day of your appointment PLEASE contact the shop to reschedule. We do reserve the right to refuse service if we feel there is a Health Risk to us or our other clientele.

  6. Clients are NOT allowed to bring additional people with them unless that person is necessary or also has an appointment after

(IE matching tattoos). Group Tattoos will be limited to TWO people in the shop at a time. If there are several people being Tattooed in the shop at that time we may ask anyone who is not being Tattooed to wait outside.


Thank You for your Cooperation!

Wicked Needle Crew

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